Monique Derenia, Director and Producer

Monique Derenia directed and produced the short documentary Why Not Dad?, a compelling first look at the growing community of stay-at-home dads in San Francisco, the unique challenges these fathers face and the impact their new status as primary caregiver has on their families.

Monique Derenia was raised in Santa Clara, CA and Las Vegas, NV where she experienced first-hand the efforts and effects of life with a stay-at-home father. Her naturally inquisitive and observant nature led her to ethnographic film making and photography first as a student at Santa Clara University where she received her bachelor’s degree in communication and later as a master’s student at San Francisco State University’s Visual Anthropology program. She graduated with her master’s degree in 2007 and the creation of the film, Why Not Dad? became her culminating experience in the anthropology program.

She looks forward to future ethnographic film experience with the goal of making films to benefit under-served communities.


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