ABC News Corp. includes a discussion with Why Not Dad? Director, Monique Derenia, in their piece on stay-at-home dads and the downturn in the economy. Read the story here.
March 28, 2009: Why Not Dad? featured on front page of the newspaper The Union.
Why Not Dad? will be screened at 6:45pm on Monday March 30th at the 24th St. Cinema in Sacramento as part of the upcoming 2009 Sacramento International Film Festival.
August 21, 2008: Why Not Dad? wins the award for Best Local Film at the Nevada City Union's Online film festival.


Why Not Dad? is the result of 9 months of ethnographic collaboration between the filmmakers and a group of stay-at-home fathers in San Francisco. Weekly contact with the men and their children gave rise to an unprecedented filmmaking collaboration in which the fathers were able to help shape the direction and development of the film. From this collaborative partnership comes an impressively honest and emotional portrayal of modern fatherhood where four men discuss their experiences confronting traditional gender norms in parenting, the need for support from other stay-at-home fathers and how the gender role-reversal affects their children and their wives.


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